Stallergenes Greer Ambassadors are real people working with dedication and courage to build a world without allergy. This is Sarah's story:

Sarah, from the source material department, was always passionate about understanding how nature works. Watching and learning.

Today Sarah focuses her passion on sourcing high-quality allergens to make the best-quality medicines. That’s what makes a Stallergenes Greer Ambassador.

The source material team that Sarah is part of is committed to sourcing high-quality allergens in the form of pollens, house dust mites and other natural allergens for the company’s products. They keep up with continuing demand by both “growing” allergens in house and sourcing them from trusted third-party partners.

Sarah’s passion for understanding how nature works began at an early age. “Although I did not have a garden during my childhood, I loved being outside on holiday and getting close to flowers and insects. Anything from an ant colony to how a tree grows was really interesting to me.”

Years of scientific studies have led Sarah to membership of a well-established team with an interestingly diverse role. “Our work includes talking to farmers about the grasses they’re growing, treating the pollen we’ve harvested, raising house dust mites, and talking to our partners to secure the supplies that we don’t raise ourselves. And of course we are always talking to people across the company.”

It’s the value of the work that Stallergenes Greer does to free people from the burden of allergies that Sarah really appreciates. “We’re harvesting allergens from a natural environments to create products that can cure and manage the conditions of people suffering from allergy. We’re creating the right product that comes from a natural source by applying the appropriate quality standard with a pharmaceutical element to ensure its quality and also that it is suitable for use in patients.”

Enabling Science

“We’re harvesting allergens from a natural environment to create products that can cure people. Products that are natural with a pharmaceutical element to ensure its quality.”