Stallergenes Greer Ambassadors are real people working with dedication and courage to build a world without allergy. This is Emmanuel's story:

Emmanuel, our Head of Structural Characterization and Proteomics, loved studying nature and believed in its power to help heal. Following his head and his heart.

Today Emmanuel focuses his energies on biopharmaceutical therapies to cure allergy. It’s his passion that turns childhood dreams into a Stallergenes Greer Ambassador.

Emmanuel uses the very latest technology to dissect pollen and mites to study the structure of allergens in minute detail. His team’s work helps us to develop new products and assess current products to ensure they’re as safe and as efficacious as they can be for our patients.

As a child Emmanuel loved taking his microscope out to study nature in depth. As he became a teen he grew to believe that biological drugs that could be more specific with fewer side-effects were the future.

It’s that belief and the understanding that allergy is becoming an increasing concern that attracted Emmanuel to Stallergenes Greer. Today he is passionate about talking to doctors to get feedback on what they need to treat their patients which he can translate into questions and answers in the lab. “I love working as part of a team of scientists who are very enthusiastic and skilled,” he adds. “And we have the chance to make great discoveries.”

Emmanuel is clear about how Stallergenes Greer works as a company. “Creating better and more efficacious drugs requires a lot of science. Innovation is science based and patient focused. We can achieve our goals by combining the right scientists and the right tools. But we’re always patient-focused. We don’t create drugs for the sake of creating drugs.”

"I love working as part of a team who are very enthusiastic and skilled. And we have the chance to make great discoveries."