Offering a range of allergen immunotherapy solutions

Stallergenes Greer’s solutions are tailored to each geographic market.

At Stallergenes Greer, we offer a range of allergen immunotherapy (AIT) solutions to meet individual patient needs and provide them with long-lasting relief from the burden of allergies. The company also provides testing devices and allergen extracts.




Allergen immunotherapy

Stallergenes Greer has over a century of allergen immunotherapy (AIT) experience and expertise.

We offer a broad portfolio of allergen immunotherapy treatments and personalised solutions, for human and veterinary use, which provide long lasting relief from the burden of allergies.

Allergen immunotherapy, also known as desensitisation, uniquely alters the natural course of respiratory allergies. Allergen immunotherapy is the only therapeutic class capable of modifying the disease progression and potentially preventing the onset of the disease by inducing tolerance in the immune system.

As part of our commitment to help patients live life beyond allergy, we offer a broad portfolio of allergen extracts and a wide range of state-of-the-art therapeutic solutions for children and adults, as well as for veterinary purposes. Spanning source materials, routes of administration, cutting-edge delivery mechanisms and finished products, ours is an innovative portfolio of therapeutic solutions designed to improve ease of access and treatment outcomes.

Whatever the options, all of our AIT treatments meet the most stringent clinical criteria as well as health authorities’ regulatory requirements. 

A full range of administration routes

Because each patient is different, Stallergenes Greer offers a wide range of administration routes: sublingual (drop or tablet) and subcutaneous.

Stallergenes Greer’s portfolio is designed to ensure the consistency of its products in terms of active ingredients and high-quality standards. It allows physicians to choose the administration method which is best suited to each patient’s needs and lifestyle.

Subcutaneous (SCIT) product’s meet the needs of patients whose profile and lifestyle require an alternative access to treatment and delivery mode, longer intervals between treatment or monitoring of adherence by their physician.

For some patients and their doctors, the ease and convenience of tablets is the preferred option. Others go for highly personalised ‘named-patient’ products that can be administered either through drops beneath the tongue or subcutaneously.

Named patient products

Stallergenes Greer believes one solution does not fit all patients, hence we provide patients with treatment options that are tailored to their individual needs. We aim to offer a comprehensive portfolio of allergy immunotherapy treatments globally and allow patients and their physicians to determine the administration method that best meets the disease and lifestyle needs of the patient. 

The company’s allergen extracts cover a vast array of allergens. They can be produced in standardised form and can also be tailored to the specific needs of patients in terms of composition, concentration and dosage.

These personalised solutions, known as Named Patient Products (NPPs), are prepared according to the allergist’s prescription and the patient profile using a stock solution obtained via the extraction of allergens (pollen, house dust mites, mold...). Each NPP has its own biological activity and is prepared for the unique needs of an individual patient.

Recognised leader in the US among veterinary dermatologists

Pets can suffer from the same ailments as humans, including allergies. Cats, dogs and horses can have allergic reactions to a variety of environmental substances or allergens. If a pet has allergies, it means it has a hypersensitivity to a substance that would otherwise be harmless. 

In the US, Stallergenes Greer has been trusted by veterinary dermatologists across the country since 1983, Veterinary dermatologists are specialists in identifying and treating pets with allergies and they may use products like ours to test for offending allergens and treat with precision medicine known as allergen-specific immunotherapy.

Stallergenes Greer was the first allergen immunotherapy company to provide high quality veterinary specific products (USDA approved) and personalised services and we are committed to ensuring that veterinary dermatologists have access to a broad range of allergenic extracts and supplies to support the needs of their clients.

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In North America, allergen extracts provided by Stallergenes Greer are sold in powdered, liquid, and freeze‐dried extract formulations.Thanks to continuous harvesting and production, we’re able to help get the allergen extratcts —whether they are pollens, dust mites, or something more unique—while maintaining the availability of our most commonly requested products.

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