At the centre of everything we do, are the people we help.

Freedom from allergy is our total focus. Our passion. Our commitment. It’s what drives our talented people and our progressive science. And it’s why we call our people Ambassadors in the cause of allergy freedom.

Stallergenes Greer Ambassadors are real people. They are the people you would meet every day, in any of our locations across the globe.

Here are just a few of them:

Sarah, from the source material department, was always passionate about understanding how nature works. Watching and learning.

Today Sarah focuses her passion on sourcing high-quality allergens to make the best-quality medicines. That’s what makes a Stallergenes Greer Ambassador.


Tom, our Director of Product Development, was always intrigued by science. More questions than answers.

Today Tom relishes in sharing ideas and practices to help partners to diagnose and treat patients in the best way possible. It’s that passion that makes Tom a Stallergenes Greer Ambassador.

Kate, our Quality Control Director, has always been passionate about discovering new treatments where there is an unmet medical need for the apparently incurable. Looking for more for friends and family.


Emmanuel, our Head of Structural Characterization and Proteomics, loved studying nature and believed in its power to help heal. Following his head and his heart.

Today Emmanuel focuses his energies on biopharmaceutical therapies to cure allergy. It’s his passion that turns childhood dreams into a Stallergenes Greer Ambassador.

Dawn, our R&D Laboratory Supervisor, has always been passionate about solving difficult puzzles. Wanting to make broken things work again.

Today Dawn loves that all her work is focused on having a positive impact on allergy sufferers. That passion is what makes a Stallergenes Greer Ambassador.