What are cross-allergies?

Cross allergies occur for example when individuals who are allergic to pollen experience discomfort when eating certain fruit or vegetables.

This happens because their immune system does not differentiate the allergy-provoking substances in pollen and the protein in certain foods. 

Cross allergies

Anne, living beyond cross-allergies

"At times, I had trouble breathing and my eyes and skin itched, but I kept thinking that it would pass…

But the symptoms always came back. When I was in contact with certain foods, my eyes began to sting and sometimes there was a sort of prickling in my throat.

I realised that the symptoms would peak each time I ate an apple: I had a burning sensation in my mouth, my eyes would become itchy and I felt unwell.

One of my sons also had difficulty sleeping and we always thought that he had a slight cold and coughed as a result.

It’s while listening to a program about allergies, that I put two and two together and realized that the symptoms we were experiencing might be due to allergies.

After consulting an allergist, we found out that my sons are allergic to pollen and house dust mites and that I am allergic to both birch and beech pollen. And most importantly, that our allergies can be treated.”

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