With a history of innovation, the company is at the origin of a new generation of allergy immunotherapy treatments. Upon its creation, Stallergenes Greer brought an essential contribution to allergy therapies at a time when symptomatic treatments were the gold standard. These efforts have considerably strengthened the level of evidence supporting allergy immunotherapy.

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Our ambition

Becoming the world's leading allergen immunotherapy company, by:

Realising the potential of precision medicine combined with personalised healthcare to improve the quality of life of people with allergies

  • With precision medicine, we identify the mechanisms of allergic response to develop diagnostic tools and AIT treatments
  • Our ambition is to deliver unparalleled personalised patient care through our extensive product portfolio, including all administration routes
  • We continue to develop treatment solutions which can be adjusted to meet patient-specific profiles and needs

Changing the course of allergic disease through the largest portfolio of best-in class allergy AIT treatments

  • We focus on delivering state-of-the-art quality products
  • We deepen our knowledge of AIT and meet modern methodological standards for proving efficacy and safety

Nurturing scientific innovation and collaborating for long-term growth, creating value for our stakeholders

  • We empower clinicians to make therapeutic decisions based on patients’ needs due to our broad AIT product portfolio
  • We strive to offer patients unparalleled support
  • We contribute to our society, where climate change and increasing pollution will result in half of people having allergies by 2050

Being a trusted partner in allergy management and making a lasting and positive contribution to society

  • We unlock the potential of every colleague with lifelong learning and development
  • We build on our pioneering heritage to embed innovative thinking into our ways of working, benefiting our people, patients and physicians
  • We improve patient experience by collaborating with partners in technological innovation, molecular research and developments in allergy biomarkers and drug delivery methodologies

Our strategy >

At Stallergenes Greer, we operate to sustain growth and create value for society as a whole.

The company’s strategy is based on three pillars: precision medicine for better patient care, investing in our people, a high-performance agile organisation.

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