New medical opportunities

Biologics, gene therapies and other new molecularly targeted compositions are starting to deliver on their promise to enable more precise diagnostics and tailored treatments. The development of more patient-friendly treatments (shorter treatment lengths, ease of use) should improve AIT penetration in the allergic rhinitis patient population and its adherence.

In addition, advances in the areas of genetics and informatics are driving a transformation in our understanding of the disease. Innovations in technology also present opportunities to more efficiently and effectively address the growing volume of regulatory requirements, particularly regarding more stringent manufacturing requirements.

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Our brands

At Stallergenes Greer, we offer a range of allergen immunotherapy (AIT) solutions to meet individual patient needs. The company also provides testing devices and allergen extracts.

Spanning source materials, routes of administration, cutting-edge delivery mechanisms and finished products, ours is an innovative portfolio of therapeutic solutions designed to improve ease of access and treatment outcomes.

Whatever the options, all of our AIT treatments meet the most stringent clinical criteria as well as health authorities’ regulatory requirements. 

Stallergenes Greers solutions are tailored to each geographic market.

Named patient products

Stallergenes Greer believes one solution does not fit all patients, hence we provide patients with personalised treatment options that are tailored to their individual needs. We aim to offer a comprehensive portfolio of allergen immunotherapy treatments globally and allow patients and their physicians to determine the administration method that best meets the disease and lifestyle needs of the patient.

The company’s allergen extracts cover a vast array of allergens. They can be produced in standardised form and can also be tailored to the specific needs of patients in terms of composition, concentration and dosage.

These personalised solutions, known as Named Patient Products (NPPs), are prepared according to the allergist’s prescription and the patient profile using a stock solution obtained via the extraction of allergens (pollen, house dust mites, mold...). Each NPP has its own biological activity and is prepared for the unique needs of an individual patient.


Staloral® (oral drops)

Actair® / Orylmyte® (tablet)

Oralair® (tablet) contains a five-grass (sweet vernal, orchard, perennial rye, timothy, kentucky blue grass) mixture, which represents many of the natural exposure and sensitization conditions of grass pollen allergic patients.



Albey® venom

Extracts and supplies

Stallergenes Greer manufactures a broad portfolio of allergen extracts.

  • Bulk extracts
  • Testing supplies : Alyostal Prick ®Stallerpoint®Prick Lancet®the Greer® pick® system, Greer® pick®, Greer® pick® wellTM, Greer® pick® trayTM, Greer® pick® trayTM lid40-well Greer® pick® evaluation package60-well Greer® pick® evaluation packageSkintestor OmniTM systemSkintestor OmniTMSkintestor OmniTM trays40-well skin omniTM evaluation package60-well skin omniTM evaluation package
  • Source materials and other supplies (sterile diluents, vials) 

Veterinary use

In the US, Stallergenes Greer offers a comprehensive range of allergen extracts and supplies for veterinary dermatologists to support the needs of their clients and pet patients.

Veterinary dermatologists are veterinarians that have specialized training in the management of allergic disease. They may use products from companies like Stallergenes Greer to compound (mix) named patient allergy prescriptions for dogs, cats, horses, and more.

From allergy testing to making precision treatment medicines, Stallergenes Greer is committed to providing veterinary specialists with products that can help treat animal allergies.

Stallergenes Greer produces extracts of different strengths and formulations specifically for veterinary specialists.

- Veterinary allergy testing & treatment products for pets

  • GREER® ExtractsTM extracts are USDA approved for both subcutaneous and sublingual administration. Stallergenes Greer offers a wide selection of extracts and formulations.
  • GREER® Sterile DiluentsTM various sizes, formulations, and fill volumes available.
  • GREER® Sterile Empty VialsTM a range of industry- relevant sizes for extract mixing and storage


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