In addition to capitalising on our core competencies, we are also active partners with best-in-class organisations around the world.

Collaborating with partners helps us advance our research and develop products that can address the unmet needs of allergic patients.

Current academic or early-stage collaborations include work with:

  • Sean. N Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University, to identify potential biomarkers of AIT efficacy, with a focus on assessing the impact of peanut oral immunotherapy on biological parameters;
  • GA²LEN Global Allergy and Asthma European Network, to be involved in an  allergen chamber project that uses a simulator to expose patients to allergens such as grass and tree pollens, house dust mites, etc, with the intention is to use the chamber for clinical testing of pharmaceutical drugs without have to rely on natural/seasonal exposure;
  • US National Institute of Health’s Inner-city Asthma Consortium to which we are supplying German cockroach extract for studies aimed at designing and implementing immune-based therapies for urban children suffering from asthma triggered by cockroach allergens;
  • Epivax, to perform a pre-clinical evaluation of their Tregitopes platform technology;
  • Biomed, to evaluate PLGA-based micro-particulate formulations of allergens in various pre-clinical models.

Major development and commercial partnerships include work with:

  • Shionogi Co. Ltd., one of Japan’s leading pharmaceutical companies, to develop two immunotherapy tablets: the house dust mite tablet (STG 320) and the Japanese cedar pollen tablet (STG 120).
  • IDEXX, in a supply and distribution sales agreement for products for the veterinary allergy immunotherapy market, providing access to sales networks in 17 countries (including the United States).
We welcome opportunities to engage in discussions related to research collaborations, development and commercial partnerships with companies and academic organizations. Please contact us.


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