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Stallergenes GREER International AG is fully aware of the importance of privacy and protection of personal data in the digital era and is committed to ensure adequate protection of personal data in respect of all those with whom she relationships. This includes, in particular:

Patients and their family members or their relatives;

Participants in clinical trials;

Health professionals;

Users of our products and services included in the users of our websites and our applications;

The representatives of our contractors and our business partners;

Representatives of the scientific community;

Applicants under our recruitment operations.

This Personal Data Protection Policy describes the general measures that we are implementing to ensure adequate protection of personal data, that is to say, any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, for all treatments data used in the context of its relations business and its activities.

The objective of this policy is to help you understand:

  1. The aims for what reasons and purposes we process your personal data.
  2. Foundations what are the legal foundations on which we treat your personal data
  3. Where and what sources we collect personal data
  4. Who are authorized parties to which we may be required to disclose your personal data?
  5. Where we authorized parties can-they process your personal data?
  6. What security measures are implemented by the Group to protect your personal data
  7. How long do we keep your personal data and what is its approach to define their shelf life?
  8. What are your rights and how you can exercise?
  9. How to contact us ?

This policy applies to all processing activities that we implement in respect of those with whom it has relations in the framework of its activities and its business relationships.

Specific information notices relating to the protection of privacy and personal data and / or obtaining consent forms will be provided if necessary in special situations where we may process your personal data.

These disclosure statements describe further describe how your personal data will be used in the treatment in question. If the laws of your country impose, such policies or endorsements information may be supplemented, where necessary, mandatory information required by local law

For the purposes of this policy, we refer Stallergenes GREER International AG and its affiliates.

The information notices indicate which entity each of our group specifies both reasons (ie goals) for which your personal data is collected and the other resources (ie the means) allocated to this treatment.

This policy may be amended by us over time, in particular to adapt to developments or to changes in the law or our internal practices. The changes will appear on this page. We invite you to review this policy regularly.



We may collect your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. to carry out operations related to our business; proceed with the marketing of our products and achieve our sales; fulfill your requests; keep track of our interactions and our interviews, as when you contact us for information or to obtain assistance.
  2. meet legal and regulatory obligations applicable to us; ensure security; crisis management; conduct prevention and investigation operations; carry out administrative formalities, recordings, statements or audits.
  3. provide assistance to patients; provide support services to health services; manage patient participation; provide prescription information; manage claims including Insurance Claims
  4. manage our research and development activities; conduct clinical studies, keep records and perform tests; manage and validate the recruitment and participation of individuals in the studies, testing and other operations; analyze demographic data; offer special programs, activities, tests, events or promotions through our services; conduct market research and consumer studies;
  5. provide you access to our online services, our platforms and our applications; manage your online accounts;
  6. allow us to identify you and authenticate; you provide or verify your access rights, particularly through passwords, password recovery hints, questions and information security, identity documents provided by the state, the number of professional health related data driving license and passport
  7. develop and improve our products and services; identify trends and develop new products and services; understand how you interact with our services through your equipment; track and respond to security problems; determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns; conduct investigations.
  8. personalize your experience when using our services; ensure that our services are presented in the way that best suits your needs; understand your business and personal interests for our content, products, services and other content, and adapt them to your needs and preferences; present you products and offers that are adapted;
  9. allow us to communicate with you; respond to your requests and inquiries; provide assistance for our products and services; you provide important information such as administrative information, required notices and promotional information; send you news and information about our products, our services, our brands and our operations; organize and manage professional event, including managing your participation in such events;
  10. to make payments that we may have to send in specific situations; check your financial information; facilitate future payments.
  11. make donations and sponsorship conduct operations;
  12. respond to requests from administrative or judicial authorities in accordance with applicable law; answer a legal requisition, court order or any other decision of a judicial or administrative authority.
  13. protect our rights and interests; protect the health, safety and the safety of our staff and our facilities; conduct internal audits; manage our assets; implement systems and control tools of our business; manage the administration of our business (finance, accounting, detection and prevention of fraud); maintain the security of our services and our operations; protect our rights, our safety and property; enable us to obtain repair or limit the damages that we may suffer if any; protect us against possible fraudulent actions;



According to the processing data in question, we will treat your personal data on the basis of either of those legal bases:

  1. your consent when you clearly expressed your agreement for us to process your personal data. In practice, this usually means that we ask you to sign a document or follow an online application procedure, or following any useful procedure allowing you to receive all necessary information and accept or reject clearly the treatment in question
  2. a contractual relationship between you and us: in such cases, the processing of your personal data is generally required for signature or execution of contract obligations; so, if you do not want us to handle your personal data in these conditions we can or should refuse to enter into a contractual relationship with you or will not be able to provide the products or services covered by the contract.
  3. the legal requirements applicable to our activities; for example, we are required to implement pharmacovigilance procedures to monitor the side effects of products on the market, which may involve personal data collection and conservation.
  4. our "legitimate interest" within the meaning of applicable legislation on personal data protection. In such cases, we will consider your interests and fundamental rights to determine if treatment is legitimate and lawful.

We may, in each case, be based on other legal bases, such as, for example, to protect your vital interests, in accordance with the applicable legislation for the protection of personal data and as indicated as appropriate in mentions applicable information.



We may collect personal data from diverse sources:

  1. Data that you provide us through different media during a registration or application use, through surveys and other direct or indirect interaction with our group. It can be such data that you provide when you register to participate in events that we support, when you send us an online application or a request for information etc.
  2. Data that we automatically collect as when we follow your interactions with our websites, our platforms, applications and services, through cookies.
  3. Data that we collect in accordance with the law applicable from public sources, including published data on different media.
  4. Data that we obtain lawfully from third parties, such as when we need to confirm your contact information or your financial information, or when we check the approval of medical professionals. In such cases, we receive in general personal data from third parties authorized to do so under their own policy to protect privacy and personal data or in compliance with the law. If necessary, we will inform you of the identity of these third parties under applicable Legal information and invite you to refer to their own policies to protect privacy and personal data to learn more about the origin of these data and the conditions for their collection.

Although we may in some cases collect personal data on children with the consent of their parents or guardians to provide certain services, such as clinical activity or patient support programs, we do not know if we solicit personal data from minors, as we do not target. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that the child has provided us with personal information, we invite you to contact us by referring to the "How to Contact Us" below. We will take steps to remove such information from our database in accordance with applicable legal requirements.



  1. Stallergenes GREER International AG and our affiliates
  2. our partners (health professionals and health organizations, distributors, other members of the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector)
  3. our selected suppliers, including service providers and vendors acting on our instructions for hosting our sites, data analysis, execution of transactions, the supply of computer equipment and services, customer service, system messaging, audit, etc.
  4. any administrative or judicial authority, where required under the applicable law, including under foreign law provisions.
  5. potential purchasers and other stakeholders-parts in the event of merger or restructuring operation such as acquisition, formation of a joint venture, transfer, share transfer or divestment.
  6. Lottery sponsors, contests and other similar promotions

In all cases, we will ensure that these third parties:

  1. undertake to comply with the applicable legislation on data protection and principles of this policy;
  2. process personal data only for the purposes described in this policy; and
  3. implement technical and organizational measures appropriate security to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your personal data.



We are a multinational organization with subsidiaries, partners and subcontractors located in many countries around the world. For this reason, we may be required to transfer your personal data (including giving them access, in for viewing, or performing storage) in other jurisdictions, including from the European Union and outside the European Union, in countries that may not be considered as providing a level of protection equivalent to that of the country in which you reside.

appropriate safeguards for international data transfers: in case we need to transfer personal data outside the European Union, it ensures that adequate safeguards such as those prescribed by the applicable legislation on data protection are being implemented (such as including contractual Clauses Type of the European Commission applicable if any).



We set up a set of procedures and organizational and technical measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your personal data and protect against unauthorized access, unauthorized uses and disclosures.

These measures take into account the state of the art, cost of implementation and the nature, scope, context and data processing purposes, as well as the risk and danger to the rights and freedoms of persons concerned.



We will retain your personal data for the time necessary to achieve the purposes described in this policy. We will specify you the exact retention period applicable to an informative notice thereon.

Notwithstanding, we may be required to keep your personal data for a longer period, in accordance with what is permitted or required by applicable law or to the extent this is necessary to protect our rights and interests.



You can exercise the rights that will be granted under the applicable legislation on data protection.

To this end, we inform you that you have the right:

  1. to access on request to your personal data in which case you will receive a copy, unless these data are available to you directly;
  2. to obtain rectification of your personal data in case these would be inaccurate, incomplete or outdated.
  3. to obtain the deletion of your personal data in situations provided for by applicable legislation on data protection ("right to be forgotten")
  4. to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, without affecting the lawfulness of processing, when personal data were processed and collected on the basis of consent;
  5. to oppose the processing of your personal data, when they were collected and processed on the basis of our legitimate interests, in which case it will be for you to justify your request explaining your particular situation.
  6. to seek a limitation of treatment in situations covered by the applicable law;
  7. to receive your data for transmission to third parties of your choice, or get direct transmission to third parties your data by us when technically feasible (this right is applicable only when the treatment is based on your consent).

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, thank you kindly contact us as indicated in the "How to Contact Us". We will take steps to respond to you as quickly as possible.

You can also submit a complaint to the competent authority to protect personal data about the processing of your personal data. While we invite you to contact us first, if you wish to exercise this right, you should contact the competent authority of protection personal data



We are happy to receive your comments and answer your questions regarding this policy or its implementation. Your questions and comments should be sent to us via the contact form available under contact us

You can send your queries regarding our use of your personal data to the following email address:

Last updated on: 30/08/2021

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