Our purpose: Enabling precision medicine to improve life for people with allergies. 


About Stallergenes Greer

A leader in allergen immunotherapy

With more than a century of expertise in allergies and allergen immunotherapy (AIT), Stallergenes Greer is a leader in its field.

Stallergenes Greer, a fully integrated global biopharmaceutical company, specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies through the research, development and commercialisation of AIT products and services for respiratory and food allergies.

The company’s product portfolio, which covers a broad range of administration modes (including subcutaneous, sublingual solutions and tablets for respiratory allergies, oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy), offers healthcare professionals innovative, safe and effective solutions to improve life for people with allergies.

Not all our products and extracts are available in all geographic territories.

About allergen immunotherapy

Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) is an allergy treatment designed to treat the underlying cause of the disease to enable rapid reductions in symptoms, as well as persistent improvements once treatment is ended. After an accurate diagnosis of the type of allergy and responsible allergens, patients, in line with their healthcare practitioner’s prescription, receive a targeted treatment. Through the repeated administration of specific allergens, the immune system builds resistance1 thus reducing symptoms when patients are exposed to the allergen in their environment.

1. Global Atlas of Allergy, EAACI 2014

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