Corporate responsibility

Care Beyond Allergy, our corporate responsibility programme, reflects our contribution to our stakeholders and to society.

Through Care Beyond Allergy, Stallergenes Greer participates in the global effort to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as set out in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Group’s corporate responsibility programme more specifically targets 11 of the United Nations’ SDGs

Four pillars form the framework of Care Beyond Allergy; they emphasise our responsibility both as a company and as an employer and focus on areas in which we can make a difference.


“Patient needs drive our innovation to fight against all kinds of allergies”

The societal pillar of our corporate responsibility approach includes four key programme commitments which contribute to better meeting the needs of patients and healthcare professionals by fostering innovation and collaboration:

  • Accelerate research to offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and personalised solutions against allergies.
  • Contribute to gathering scientific and medical knowledge on allergies and the socioeconomic impact of allergen immunotherapy.
  • Ensure patient security and treatment supply.
  • Join efforts with patients and practitioners to enhance the quality of life of allergy sufferers and improve the patient journey.


“We are committed to advancing climate action and preserving nature to boost the prevention and treatment of allergies”

Our environmental pillar illustrates our engagement to lessen our impact on the environment and to contribute to supporting research in environmental health.

It includes six key programme commitments:

  • Support our sites in adjusting to environmental challenges.
  • Use natural resources responsibly.
  • Contribute to the objectives of the Paris Agreement.
  • Implement eco-friendly packaging solutions.
  • Increase awareness on environmental challenges.
  • Support research in environmental health and ecology of health, with a specific focus on the impact of air pollution on respiratory diseases.


“Investing in our people and empowering them to unleash their full potential”

Our social pillar reflects our responsibility towards the wellbeing of our people and our engagement to foster their success and development. It includes five key programme commitments:

  • Be a safe place to work.
  • Be the right place to work.
  • Invest in training and professional development.
  • Upgrade our talent programme to anticipate tomorrow’s must-have skills.
  • Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.


“Building trust with our stakeholders every day”

Our governance pillar embodies our commitment to uphold high ethical standards and conduct our business with integrity. It includes five key programme commitments:

  • Deploy a committed corporate responsibility governance.
  • Integrate sustainability as a shared value across our organisation.
  • Integrate environmental criteria in our risk management processes.
  • Implement a responsible procurement policy.
  • Maintain high standards by conducting business with integrity.

At Stallergenes Greer, all employees are required to comply with the laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate. Our commitment is reflected in the implementation of a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct which includes our Compliance Programme.

Last updated on: 26/03/2024

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