Allergy, they take it personally!

Learn more about making an impact on the lives of people with allergies and discover what working at Stallergenes Greer means.



At Stallergenes Greer, we take allergy personally. Each allergy sufferer is unique and deserves allergen immunotherapy solutions and services which are tailored to their individual needs and profiles.


Giulia Schiorlin, Customer Service and Supply Chain Manager (Milan, Italy), tells us how she takes allergy personally: " To our patients, allergy is something very personal, and if it’s personal to them, then it’s personal to me. So I take it personally. Absolutely."


Animals can develop respiratory allergies. Dr Jason Nicholas, Veterinary Business Director, tells us how he is making a difference when he takes care of animals who suffer from allergy:

"As a veterinarian, I swore an oath to help improve quality of life, comfort, care, health and safety for animals. But that also includes helping the people that love and care for these animals, and I get to do that on a daily basis in every aspect of what I’m doing here at Stallergenes Greer. I am fulfilling my oath professionally but it’s also what fulfills my oath personally and having purpose in what I do."


Dr Jaime Sanchez-Lopez, Medical Director Southern Europe, and professional allergist, explains how he enjoys being part of Stallergenes Greer to help healthcare professionals: "As a global company, it is important that any activity that Stallergenes Greer carries out has a positive impact on the patients, and that little by little we get fewer allergic patients and they can live the best way possible."

Last updated on: 17/04/2020

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