Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Stallergenes Greer is committed to conducting business with integrity in an ethical and lawful manner. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct outlines our rules of conduct, the standards to which we adhere and our responsibility towards our stakeholders.

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Compliance, Ethics, Transparency

At Stallergenes Greer, all employees are required to comply with the laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate. Our commitment is reflected in the implementation of a Compliance Programme and a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, as well as the EFPIA Disclosure Code. 

Compliance Programme

Each Stallergenes Greer employee is responsible for upholding Stallergenes Greer's reputation and high standards by taking ownership of performance with integrity.

« Compliance creates a virtuous circle in which each person must abide to the same rules. Employees, healthcare professionals, authorities, shareholders and competitors work together with mutual respect. Compliance becomes the “safe harbour” that allows us to focus on our sole purpose: to improve the life of our patients. » M. Antonelli – Chief Executive Officer

« There’s always been a need to lay down rules to keep people’s worst impulses in check and moderate behaviour to find a balance where no one’s rights are infringed. Compliance makes sure we abide by these rules, which helps us fulfil Stallergenes Greer’s mission: ensuring that everything we do benefits our patients. » A. Jaber – Chief Innovation Officer

« Compliance is the guardian of our reputation and financial health. We’re not just about doing business, we’re about building a high-quality business by promptly identifying and mitigating financial and operational risks through adequate control systems. There can be no compromise on compliance issues». N. Lamacchia – Chief Financial Officer

« In my view, compliance isn’t just about a set of rules. Above all, it’s about a shared ethical approach that helps us distinguish between what is fair and right, and what is not. It also has to take into account how our practices will be perceived. »  V. Benhamou – General Counsel

« Compliance helps build trust in our interactions with each person we have dealings with, from patients to healthcare professionals and authorities. This climate of trust is the foundation of our healthcare ecosystem and places general interest before individual interests. » D. Pezziardi – President Stallergenes SAS, Head of Western and Southern Europe

« Compliance, defined by our unwavering commitment to rigorous standards and ethical engagement with healthcare professionals, guides us in delivering the best treatment for the patient.» E. Rizova  – Chief Medical Officer

« Compliance relies on an essential balance: meeting our imperatives of product delivery and safety while operating within a clearly defined framework. This necessarily involves absolute respect for our colleagues and patients.» J. Storaï – SVP Pharmaceutical Operations

« Compliance ensures we maintain our reputation and the trust of our stakeholders. We must all be aware that how we communicate and act influences Stallergenes Greer’s long-term success. » P. Tor –  Chief Commercial Officer

« Compliant behaviour is about following the rules. Those rules make sense if they are transparent and apply equally to everyone. »  J. Tilly – SVP Human Resources

« Compliance reflects our commitment to operate in accordance with the obligations and responsibilities of our industry and my expectation is that all Americas employees will demonstrate this commitment through their actions. » T. Nemes – EVP Head of Americas


The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Association (EFPIA) and its members, which include Stallergenes Greer, are conscious of the importance of (i) providing accurate, fair and objective information about medicinal products so that rational decisions can be made as to their use, (ii) ensuring that interactions with Healthcare professionals (HCPs), Healthcare organisations (HCOs) and Patient organisations (POs), which are key to share knowledge aiming to improve the quality of patient care, take place in an ethical manner and (iii) introducing greater transparency around the pharmaceutical industry’s interactions with HCPs, HCOs and POs.

In this framework, the EFPIA Disclosure Code requires all EFPIA member companies to disclose payments and transfers of value to HCPs and HCOs.

Under data protection legislation, Stallergenes Greer must acquire consent from the HCP for the individual disclosure of his/her name with associated transfers of value.

If the HCP does not grant consent for the individual disclosure, then the payments and transfers of value will be disclosed on an aggregate basis. Stallergenes Greer will disclose the number of HCPs that did not grant consent and the total amount paid to them.

The EFPIA Disclosure Code 2024 Self-Certification Letter signed by Mr. Michele Antonelli, CEO, certifies the application by Stallergenes Greer of the principles of the EFPIA Disclosure Code.

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