Personalised treatments

We aim to offer a comprehensive portfolio of allergen immunotherapy treatments globally and allow patients and their physicians to determine the administration method that best meets the disease and lifestyle needs of the patient.

These personalised solutions, known as named patient products (NPPs), are prepared according to the allergist’s prescription and the patient profile. Each NPP has its own biological activity and is tailored to the specific needs of each patient in terms of composition, concentration and dosage.



Stallergenes Greer is committed to bringing AIT to the highest quality standards and to delivering state-of-the-art treatments to patients.

As biologic drugs, the manufacture of allergen products is inherently challenging and complex1 

Allergen extracts: derived from natural sources

Allergen sources contain allergenic proteins from pollens, house dust mites, venom, food, animal dander, etc. Stallergenes Greer produces a large portion of its source materials, which are cultivated at the company’s production sites in Amilly (France) and Lenoir, North Carolina (US).

Quality, safety and controls

Like other biologics, Stallergenes Greer’s allergens are derived from living systems.

Controlling the quality of allergen products is of prime importance to guarantee consistent optimal clinical benefits

To ensure batch-to-batch consistency, quality and purity of its products, Stallergenes Greer has established stringent controls regarding the source and nature of the starting materials, and applies a large number of process controls to ensure that target quality attributes are delivered.

Each batch of product is the combination of the product, documentation and controls.

AIT starts with a patient-centric approach

At Stallergenes Greer, our product design is based on a clear understanding of patient needs:

  • patient exposure to a specific allergen
  • patient sensitisation
  • allergen clinical relevance.

Stallergenes Greer covers the value chain from allergen extraction to the production of unique treatments adapted to the individual needs of each patient, in sublingual and subcutaneous forms.

Our manufacturing facilities in France produce individual treatments that are delivered directly to patients. In the US, our bulk allergen extracts are delivered to medical practitioners who prepare the individual treatment for their patients.

Consistent biological potency through process standardisation

Stallergenes Greer ensures the consistent biological potency of its tablets, sublingual and subcutaneous products through standardised and validated quantitative analytical methods.

Driving operational excellence

We seek excellence in every part of our organisation. We aim for a lean operating model without compromising on quality. We draw on improved and sustainable production processes and procedures to consistently deliver the highest quality products to patients.

Our approach to manufacturing the highest quality products relies on continuous learning and improvements to ensure we are continually modernising our quality controls and improving our processes through investments in our facilities. Over the past few years, we have made continuous improvements to our manufacturing capabilities both in France and the US, in order to put in place a manufacturing and quality system that meets the highest product quality standards.

These improvements were supported by programmes designed to strengthen and reinforce our culture of quality and continuous improvement.


1. Declerk PJ. Biologicals and biosimilars: a review of the science and its implications. GaBI J 2012;1:13-6

2. Zimmer J, et al. Standardization and regulation of allergen products in the European Union. Curr Allergy Asthma Proc 2016;16(3):21).


Stallergenes Greer's manufacturing facilities in Antony

Stallergenes Greer's manufacturing facilities in Amilly (pollen harvesting)

Stallergenes Greer's manufacturing facilities in Amilly (mites strain bank)

Stallergenes Greer's manufacturing facilities in Lenoir

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Biologic drugs contain one or more active substances that are produced in a living system such as micro-organisms and plant or animal cells (source: Biological product definitions Biologics consist of large and complex molecules; their characterisation is challenging and involves highly advanced technologies.

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