Our purpose: Enabling precision medicine to improve life for people with allergies. 

Our ambition: Becoming the world's leading allergen immunotherapy company.


Our strategy is designed to achieve our ambition of being the world's leading allergen immunotherapy company for the long-term and deliver sustainable value to all our stakeholders: patients, the medical community, healthcare systems, colleagues, and our shareholder. 


To achieve our ambition, our strategy is based on four pillars:

Excellence in execution

Our ambition is to serve patients with high quality products and optimal solutions to treat allergies thanks to a robust supply chain and state-of-the-art pharmaceutical technologies.

Strengthening our core business

Expanding our geographical footprint to reach more patients in need of precise, personalised treatments. We aim to offer physicians the broadest portfolio of allergens and delivery systems to foster precision medicine and deliver successful patient outcomes.

Developing new solutions for our patients 

For the benefit of patients across the globe, our objective is to further enrich the evidence of our treatments with new clinical and real-world data, improve treatment adherence with novel delivery tools, and discover and develop innovative products to treat respiratory and food allergies.

Attracting and developing our talents

Our people are our greatest asset. They design, develop, and deliver solutions which are tailored to the individual needs and profile of patients. We invest in the development of our colleagues who are committed to improving the quality of life of allergy sufferers.





An entrepreneurial spirit

Stallergenes Greer’s entrepreneurial spirit is fuelled by four key principles which guide our actions:

  • Keeping it simple
  • Empowering
  • Focusing
  • Staying agile

Last updated on: 04/10/2016

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