Does Stallergenes Greer provide personalised AIT treatments?

At Stallergenes Greer, we believe that one solution does not fit all.

The company’s allergen extracts cover a vast array of allergens. They can be produced in standardised form and also can be tailored to the specific needs of the patients.

Our subcutaneous (SCIT) and sublingual (SLIT) drops formulations are flexible in terms of frequency of dosing and number of allergen doses delivered:

  • fine-tuning to suit the patient’s day-to-day treatment response and intercurrent events
  • depending on the sensitisation profile and the clinical signs, the specialist can develop a specific, tailor-made SLIT liquid-based approach that cannot necessarily be achieved with the fixed dose of tablets.
  • SCIT and SLIT liquid formulations makes it possible to treat allergic patients even if their causative allergen is uncommon or to adapt the dose and regimen during the updosing and/or the maintenance phase to target optimal effectiveness.

We aim to offer a comprehensive portfolio of allergen immunotherapy treatments enabling the physician to identify the optimal treatment for each patient.

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