Key facts and figures

  • 19 countries with a direct presence
  • Distribution networks in 41 countries
  • 1,045 employees 
  • A broad portfolio of allergen extracts available in sublingual (drops and tablets) and subcutaneous formulations, as well as testing devices and veterinary products

Key facts and figures

A global leader in allergen immunotherapy (AIT)

Stallergenes Greer is a fully integrated global biopharmaceutical company specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies through the development and commercialisation of allergen immunotherapy (AIT) products and services.

Stallergenes Greer has an extensive global footprint, the largest allergen and finished AIT product manufacturing capacity globally. The company’s broad product portfolio, available in multiple formulations (subcutaneous, sublingual drops and tablets), offers patients innovative solutions to improve life for people with allergies.

A robust shareholding structure

Stallergenes Greer is a private company owned by interests associated with the Bertarelli family, which are advised by B-FLEXION.

B-FLEXION is a business enterprise for the managers and advisers of the funds and investments associated with the Bertarelli family. The group is active in two areas: life sciences and asset management. Chaired by Ernesto Bertarelli, B-FLEXION is headquartered in Geneva, with offices in London, Jersey, Boston and Luxembourg.

An extensive global footprint

Stallergenes Greer has a direct presence in 19 countries. The company’s commercial network covers 41 countries.

The company’s major manufacturing sites are located in France and the United States:

  • Antony (France) is specialised in the production of sublingual (drops and tablets) and subcutaneous formulations covering all of the company’s allergen extracts and venoms
  • Amilly (France) is specialised in the productions of source materials (pollen, house dust mites) and the securing of strains
  • Lenoir, North Carolina (U.S.) is specialised in the bulk production of allergens, including for veterinary use.
  • Mathiston, Mississippi, (U.S) is specialised in the productions of source materials (pollen)


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