Stallergenes Greer Launches CORAP (Community for Research in Allergic Patients) Research Programme

Stallergenes Greer, a global healthcare company specialising in allergen immunotherapy (AIT), today announced the launch of CORAP (Community for Research in Allergic Patients). The CORAP programme notably includes a research plan which aims to provide additional knowledge about the various types of respiratory allergies via clinical projects.

Stallergenes Greer is steadfast in its ambition to continuously improve the management of patients undergoing allergen immunotherapy. The CORAP programme, by directly involving patients in the company’s research projects, illustrates our determination to provide precise personalised allergen immunotherapy solutions by enhancing our knowledge of respiratory allergies with additional real-world data,” states Amer Jaber, EVP Europe and International and President, Stallergenes SAS.

Patients undergoing Stallergenes Greer’s AIT treatment can join the CORAP community, on a voluntary basis, and thus participate in the various stages of the company’s research initiatives.

Launching this month, CORAP will cover a wide range of research projects to evaluate the impact of allergen immunotherapy on the quality of life of patients and other relevant patient reported outcomes.


Headquartered in London (UK), Stallergenes Greer Ltd is a global healthcare company specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies through the development and commercialisation of allergen immunotherapy products and services. Stallergenes Greer Ltd is the parent company of Greer Laboratories, Inc. (whose registered office is in the United States) and Stallergenes SAS (whose registered office is in France). For more information, visit

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