Precision medecine (2022)

We believe patients deserve an allergen immunotherapy solution which is tailored to their needs and profile. We are determined to fully leverage the potential of precision medicine for the benefit of people with allergies.


Pushing the boundaries of science to leverage the potential of precision medicine

Precision medicine consists in using the individual characteristics and mechanism of disease of each patient to evaluate the eœcacy and safety of our AIT treatments, while reducing costs both for patients and healthcare authorities.

At Stallergenes Greer, one of the ways we are doing this is by characterising the molecular immunological responses of each patient and exploring molecular diagnostics to identify, with increased precision, the allergens to which each patient is specifically sensitive.

The development of new disciplines and skills are making it possible to specify the diagnosis of respiratory allergy for each individual. Molecular diagnostics provide additional information to guide the prescription and composition of allergen immunotherapy treatments.

Precise personalised allergen immunotherapy solutions

Because each patient presents a unique immunologic profile, we believe that one solution doesn’t fit all. Stallergenes Greer’s approach allows healthcare professionals to create, along with first-line treatments such as allergen eviction and symptomatic medication, a tailored approach that best addresses each individual’s treatments needs.