Technical operations (2022)

Our teams work around the clock to make sure that patients and healthcare practitioners receive the highest quality diagnostic solutions and allergen immunotherapy treatments.




Products derived from living systems

Like other biologic drugs, Stallergenes Greer’s allergens are derived from living systems. Biologic drugs contain one or more active substances which are produced in a living system such as micro-organisms and plant or animal cells1. Biologics consist of large and complex molecules; their characterisation is challenging and involves highly advanced technologies.

A patient-centric approach

Because Stallergenes Greer’s allergen immunotherapy (AIT) treatments cater to the real needs of patients, product design begins with a clear understanding of patient profiles: to which specific allergen is a patient exposed, to which allergen(s) is a patient sensitised and is the allergen clinically relevant.

Quality, safety, controls at every stage

To provide patients with the benefits they need, controlling the quality of allergen products is of prime importance to guarantee both the safety and efficacy of allergy diagnosis and treatment and consistent optimal clinical benefits2.

Stallergenes Greer’s allergens are manufactured in a living system and their production is strongly processdependent. To ensure batch-to-batch consistency, quality and purity, we have established stringent controls of the source and nature of the source materials and apply hundreds of process controls to ensure that target quality attributes are delivered. Each batch of product is the combination of the product, documentation and controls.

Consistent biological potency through process standardisation

Stallergenes Greer ensures the consistent biological potency of its tablets, sublingual and subcutaneous products through standardised and validated quantitative analytical methods which assure the uniformity and purity of the Group’s products and their activity.

Driving operational excellence

We seek excellence in every part of our organisation. Our approach to manufacturing quality products relies on continuous learning and improvements to ensure we are modernising our quality controls and improving our processes through investments in our facilities.

Having the right product available is critical to ensuring patient needs. We rigorously manage our operations to ensure product availability by focusing on operational excellence and investing in state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and systems.



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